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The six steps on how to apply for the 2021 JAMB (UTME)


  1. Get a valid and functional e-mail account: This allows you to be able to send and receive information form JAMB.


  1. Get you National Identification Number (NIN): JAMB has stated that the NIN is compulsory requirement for the 2021 JAMB (UTME) enrollment.


  1. Create JAMB Profile: Go to JAMB website https://www.jamb.gov.ng/ then proceed to create a JAMB Profile, even before purchasing the form. Also after registration you will use the profile to check results online. When it’s out, or to check admission status, or to print admission letters.


  1. Check JAMB ibass: It is important to note that before registering for the 2021 JAMB (UTME), you need to check for your eligibility. This information is provided on the official website of the exam body.


  1. JAMB e-pin: After confirming your eligibility then you can proceed to purchase your JAMB 2021 e-pin registration from an approved Bank.


  1. Proceed to an approved (CBT) center for registration: After purchasing your 2021 JAMB e-pin from approved banks you can proceed to any accredited computer-based-test (CBT) Centre with your personal details and your profile code to register. https://www.jamb.gov.ng/Accreditted_Centres.aspx